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Wholesaler of sewing accessories

Galantex - one of the largest distributors of goods for the clothing industry with offices in Brest, Minsk and Grodno. A wide range of high quality sewing accessories. Delivery of goods across Belarus.

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Galantex homepage

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Most of leading designers are choosing our company

We supply the best sewing accessories from many famous manufacturers all over the world. The wide range of our goods allows to each customer to realize his vision at high level and on time.

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Galantex homepage

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For customers

Our skilled staff members will help to find and choose the goods which will be fully comply with the all requirements and customer's necessaries.

The main advantages of the Galantex company for the customers:

• A wide range of sewing accessories

• Guaranteed quality of goods is confirmed by the certificates

• Competitive prices, flexible and favorable payment terms for the goods

• Discount system for loyal customers

• Prompt free delivery in the Republic of Belarus

• “Day to day” delivery in Minsk, Brest and Grodno

• Competence of staff and individual approach to each client

• Willingness to execute the order of any complexity in the shortest time


For suppliers

We offer you a easy and reliable service in wholesale supply of sewing accessories and other items of clothing manufacture.

The main advantages of the Galantex company for the suppliers:

• 20 years in the market of sewing production of goods

• 35 skilled staff members

• 20 sellers for the customer service

• Own trading property and warehouse area ​​over 1000 meters squared.

• Own transport provides fast delivery

• Offices in Brest, Minsk and Grodna

• The client base of over 3,000 companies

• Cooperation with famous brands