We offer a wide range of buckles for various purposes: belts, backpacks, bags, shoes. The classic version is a frame with a crossbar. The first is designed for men's and women's belts and bags. The second for textile belts. You can buy buckles in bulk with delivery without visiting the office.

Models with fixator and hooks are designed for hiking, sports and special equipment, clothing and accessories in sports and casual style. Miniature decorative buckles, fully reproducing the functionality and shape of typical analogues, effectively decorate clothing and accessories but are not used as locks.

The material depends on the purpose. The denser and rougher the texture, the stronger the buckle. Metal buckles are used for natural and synthetic leather, and plastic and wooden buckles for soft textiles. Dense securing straps are fastened with special buckles-lock buckles made of particularly durable plastic.

The design of men's and women's buckles is characterized by classical forms and restrained shades in the first case and boundless fantasy in the second.

  • Imitation of wood or bone.
  • Engraving with or without blackening.
  • Scuffed and antique effect.
  • Enamel coating.
  • Wrapped in leather or textiles.
  • Rhinestone decorations.

We can help you find sewing furniture in the same style and shade. For example, shiny smooth buckles, half rings, zippers in the silver color of one design. This approach allows us to design collections of clothes, shoes and accessories in a high-quality and harmonious way.

Select the items you are interested in on the pages of our catalogue and send a request by e-mail or give us a call:


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You can also make an offline purchase by coming to our office in person. We have branches in Minsk, Brest and Grodno. In our office, you can also purchase buckles in retail.