Hangers, cases for hangers

Ready to sell cloth is kept on a hanger – it’s the only way to make cloth presentable. Every model and size needs a hanger with specific characteristics. In our catalogue, you can find a huge variety for enterprises of any profile: white, black, transparent for clothing of any size and style.

For slacks:

This model has crossbar or fixators for keeping perfect pleats and pant legs without them. Hangers from metal and plastic supplied with a turnable or fixed hook.

For blouses and dresses:

In this models shoulder line and collar are crucial. To avoid deformation of them, sloping shoulders with the anti-slip surface are presented.

For underwear:

Light plastic hangers with a lot of fixators used for all types of underwear. Delicate fabric requires delicate treatment, metal fixators will not be suitable for them.

For suits:

Suits can be conveniently kept and demonstrated on special hangers with horizontal crossbar and shoulders. On one of them, you can have a full set: slacks and jacket, skirt and jacket. Slopping shoulders would be perfect for jackets.


Thin and soft fibre quickly stretch out. With inappropriate storage creases on clothes are formed. That can be avoided using a soft case that, that are put on horizontal elements of shoulders. That expands them and makes the surface much softer.

You can buy a hanger of the necessary configuration using filters in the catalogue. Leave your request by contacting us using an email or phone and we will deliver your item for you. Bulk purchases are delivered to Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev or any other region in Belarus. Also, you can get a hanger with your logo.