Embroidery lace

Lace and lace inserts with different ornament is one of the oldest and the most feminine type of decor.

Company Galantex is offering you to purchase lace in bulk with quick delivery to Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk and other cities in Belarus. In the offices of Brest, Minsk and Grodno you can buy lace in retail.

Lace is widely used in creation of dress collection, blouses, underwear and accessories. On Galantex website you can find a huge variety of lace and lace inserts in possession:

  • Elastic and non-elastic lace. Guipure with added elastane is used during sewing of an underwear, underwear, tops, t-shirts, and blouses. I gives a good fit and does not cause any discomfort. Non-elastic lace is better in terms of stability and provides good preservation of the original shape.
  • Cotton and polyester lace. Cotton lace is widely used for upper and children's clothing.
  • Lace inserts. Prefabricated lace inserts for decorating elements of clothing.

For the sewing industry lace is used in different widths - from 0.5 and over 31 cm. We also give opportunity to paint lace and lace inserts in an individual customer's color.

You can buy lace in bulk and in retail by coming to our offices.

Also you can order remotely by contacting us:


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