Press buttons

We sell metal and plastic buttons for outer and normal clothing. Convenient and stylish snap not only reliable but also aesthetic. In the catalogue, you can find options for daily clothing, sportswear, children’s cloth, specialized cloth, underwear, knitted materials, handbags. You can buy them in bulk in one of our offices in Brest, Grodno and Minsk. Also, you can order them by calling us or dropping an email. There is a huge difference between the buttons, depending on the way they attached.


Both parts: base and lid are attached to opposite ends of the edge of the product using threads, to make the seam not observable from the outside. That makes replacements of the elements easy and doesn’t damage the fabric. Made for light, thin texture, jersey and used for hidden buttons

Setup buttons

This type has 4 elements. 2 for legs and lids. They are fixed to the framework using a special press instrument. Unlike snaps, setup buttons are hitting the fabric threw, that is why there is a hole in case if the button will be lost. The design of the top lid needs very special attention. You can find in a catalogue over 20 different models of flat, convex, smooth, embossing, plastic inserts. Colour scheme mostly with metal shades: gold, silver, nickel, black nickel etc.

We can help you to choose the right furniture by style, colour, and texture, for developing unique cloth collections, shoes and accessories. You can buy buttons personally, buy coming personally to offices in Brest, Minsk and Grodno. Bulk purchases can be accepted through phone calls or emails.

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