Rings, D-rings, frames

Belts and staps don’t only make your cloth look nicer, but also give the right fit. For their fixation and regulating, and also joining two details there are rings, D-ring and frames. We are offering you to buy rings for clothing and accessories with delivery to any region in Belarus.

Sewing furniture for fixating of separate elements and regulating the fit made from plastic or metal. Metal regulators are galvanized with anti-corrosion properties.

  • Rings. Rounded products of the right shape. Made for fixing details of clothing and accessories.
  • D-rings. They are used for tightening and fixation on the fit.
  • Frames. They are used to adjust the length

In our catalogue you can find double and single, detachable and non-detachable fixators in all difference of sizes, shades and shapes: smooth and notched, matte and glossy, metallic and wood tones. On smooth ones, fabrics can easily slide. The regulator under pressure clamps the fabric, helping to avoid involuntary displacement.

Metal furniture is made for intensive exploitation and serious pressure: sport and tourist equipment, bags, backpacks, overalls, coats, jackets, etc. Plastic elements will be good for blouses, shirts, children's clothes.

Regulating and fixing furniture has a practical and decorative function. Frames and rings of the right shape and shade will make clothing and accessories as good as the author’s d?cor. Chrome and brass elements set the style and give the product a youthful look.

You can order rings and frames in bulk. Just give us a call or drop an email. In retail sales are only made in our offices in Minsk, Grodno and Brest. For making an order choose an article you are interested in and let us know:

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