Sewing tools and accessories

Professional tools are needed for quality sewing. Galantex accepts bulk orders to supply sewing shops, workshops and specialized stores. We offer to buy sewing accessories for cutting and sewing with delivery to any region.

Tailor's scissors

This category includes traditional tailor's scissors and universal scissors for cutting fabric as well as professional thread-cutting tools.

Sewing Needle Sets

The sewing needle set for hand sewing, machines and guns is very handy. It has all the sizes you need for your work.

Dressmaker's pins

For attaching the fabric to the template, marking, draping, fitting the product and other purposes, we offer you tailor pins.

Starch spray

The starch spray will provide quick and effective starching of finished clothing. It gives stiffness and the desired shape to blouses, shirts, uniforms, other clothing, home textiles.

Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are available for ordering.

Cleaning Rollers

The sticky roller on the plastic handle quickly and effectively removes dust and debris from fabric and finished items.

Tailor's chalk

Only special chalk is used for marking patterns or altering lines. It is available in the following types:

  • Chalking pencils
  • Disappearing chalk
  • Coloured tailor's chalk
  • With and without holder

Centimetre tape

One- and two-sided tape measure with traditional markings on paper, rubberized and polymeric base.

Clothing Clips

The white, black and transparent garment clips are designed to pack and store clothes. They allow you to preserve the appearance and shape when folded.

Bulk orders for sewing tools and accessories are accepted in the offices in Minsk, Brest and Grodno. You can purchase in person, as well as by phone or email below:

+375 (29) 681-91-91 (A1)

+375 (33) 681-91-91 (МТС)

+375 (25) 681-91-91 (Life)

+375 (162) 23-45-55