Sparkling and glittering rhinestone applications effectively present clothing and accessories. Reliable fixation guarantees their wash and wear resistance. Galantex d?cor is saving colour, shape and reliably during the exploitation.

Our company is offering you to buy rhinestones in bulk. You can make your order in our offices of Brest, Grodno and Minsk with quick delivery to any region in Belarus.

In stock and for an order is a huge variety of hot fix stresses and sewing stresses of different colours, sizes and shapes.

Hot fix rhinestones

  • Plastic and glass: transparent and translucent decor elements of popular shades up to 10 mm, sold as a package.
  • Metal rhinestones: shaped and round, flat and volumetric, from 2 to 10 mm in colours: copper, bronze, silver and gold.

Sewing rhinestones

  • Without frame. Light plastic rhinestones of different shapes and colours.
  • In frame. Big elements in imitating gemstones. They are heavier than previous rhinestones without a frame.

All catalogue products are available in stock, rare positions are available for an order.

We remind you of the possibility of listed rhinestones available for delivery to any region in Belarus! .

Galantex Center accepts orders in our offices. Also, you can give us a call or drop an email:

+375 (29) 681-91-91 (A1)

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