Indicators of size

The effectiveness of sales depends on the design of the clothing racks. The size is indicated not only on the item, but also on the hanger and the label. We offer to buy labels and their holders for adult and children's clothing. Delivery is made to all areas of the republic of Belarus.

Sizing Tape

A sewn-in textile label indicating the size. It is a compulsory element and is sewn into the seam. Soft, but durable texture is not uncomfortable when trying on or wearing it. It cuts neatly and does not disintegrate into separate threads. Resistant to washing and ironing.

Seal with a lanyard

Designed to secure a removable label. Color matched to the color of the product or brand colors.

Plastic Label Holder

The plastic label holder is a more economical and modest option. It is designed for lightweight clothing, underwear and accessories.

Size guide for hangers

Plastic colored size indexes are available in several shades.

When ordering labels, label holders, pointers, pay attention to their quantity in the package. You can place a bulk order in the office of Brest, Grodno or Minsk or use the contacts below:

+375 (29) 681-91-91 (A1)

+375 (33) 681-91-91 (МТС)

+375 (25) 681-91-91 (Life)

+375 (162) 23-45-55