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“Furniline” company has held the leading positions since 1998 and is one of the largest importers and distributors of sewing accessories and products for sewing production in Belarus.

The head office of our company is situated in Brest. The company operates in its own trading and warehouse places with an area of over 1000 meters squared. The presence of our own fleet allows us to deliver sewing accessories on all Belarus in shortest time.

The staff of commercial division consists of 35 professional employees directly engaged in work with clients.

The aim of our company is to work for the achievement of client’s success, to become a strategic partner for each of them. We want to be useful, not just comfortable!

Our business is built on the principles of partnership and responsibility to suppliers, clients and employees. We value our reputation and strive to strengthen it.

Our client base covers more than 3000 companies from retail shops and mini-studios to large sewing enterprises and garment factories of republican importance.

We are connected with many clients, thanks to longstanding cooperation, which we value and try to develop and maintain it in every way. Our permanent partners are such popular brands as Conte, Mark Formelle, Nelva, Lakbi, Burvin, Panda, Elema, Balunova, Milavitsa, Noche mio, Nickolia Morozov, Lavela, 8th of March, Kalinka, Femme, Devur, Alena Goretskaya, Elletto, Papilio, Le Rina, Svitanak.

Dear suppliers!

We are open for cooperation, new mutually beneficial partnership and we are ready to consider your commercial proposal.

For guarantee consideration of your commercial proposal, please, send your mails to our e-mail address: contact@galantex.com

Or you can contact the specialists of supply department at the following contact numbers:

tel/fax +375 162 23 65 72

Skype: Tatiana_galantex

We always glad to see you among our clients and partners. Join us!

To find out more about our company you can visit our page About company

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