String tape

Knitted elastic tape is widely used in sewing of clothing and accessories. It provides the right fit and reliable fixation of an item, gives it shape and light folds. Taps’s main quality is elasticity. It can be pulled to the needed width and come back to initial position.

Company Galantex center offers you to buy string in bulk and retail. In catalogue you can find huge variety from to decorative. We accept requests in the offices of Brest, Minsk and Grodno. Delivering to any place in Belarus.

On the Galantex website you can find a string for different types of products.

Knitted elastic tape

  • Knitted tape. From 2 to 100 mm in white and black colours. It’s basic option, widely used during sewing of clothing and home textile. Flat string from 2 to 4 mm also used during sewing of masks, respirators and bandages.
  • Perforated. Comfortable way of regulating waist circumference. Perforation allows to fix the string tape with buttons. Width up to 20 mm, colours – white and black.
  • Folding for edging. Available for an order. Used for edge trim and for processing of open seams of the neck, sleeves, hem.
  • Elastic cord with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 mm is used for fixation of headgear, making ruffles on sleeves and neck. Available in stock and for an order.


It has a wide range of uses. Decorative elastic band is presented in wide variety of with, shades and ornaments: Brand names, Stars, Stripes, Flowers etc.

Buy string tape in bulk

Orders for bulk purchases are accepted in the offices of Minsk, Brest and Grodno. You can make them in our offices or by calling us or dropping an email:

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